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2005.11.31>> Hallo. It's me, [AoD] the webmaster and co-comicker again. It's been a while since we updated this, hasn't it? Well, some superficial changes: "Traductions" is now "Weebl Literature" (That's right. literature It's THAT awesome). It's a collection of semi-random conversations between me and fellow co-creator Rao! that happened to eventually touch on the subject of something... what it IS... where it is GOING... WHY things are the way they are. They probably contain spoilers, since they were simply conversations between the two of us that we happened to think were enlightening somehow. We are not responsible if you catch cancer. Read them at your own discretion. TOODLES!

2005.08.20>> Hey! It looks like this month's chapter will be running into NEXT MONTH! OH NO! We are horrible people, and we are sorry. ;(

2005.05.01>> 'Allo! La seconde chapitre... she has started, no? Eet promeesez to bee... quite interesting! Nearly daily updates for zee rest of zee month!

2005.03.20>> And THAT'S ALL, folks! This month's EXCITING FIRST CHAPTER has drawn to a close. Come back next month for: CHAPTER 2: Brother Would Thou Lend Me A Weebl? AoD, signing out.

2005.03.02>> Hi again, 'tis me, AOD, of ITEOTW repute. Anyhow, the project leader for this month, Rao!, told me that he wanted me to tell you that this will update EVERYDAY, with one strip daily, until the end of this month. Next month, the next AMAZING chapter of this EPIC SAGA begins...

2005.01.22>> Helloooo... this is AOD speaking. I'm one of the three collaborators in this wierd little comics project. The others are Rao and Ymmot, both of whom will have their own text colours. But I am green. IT IS MINE. Anyhoo, I'm just here... typing stuff and such... hoping that this will be an interesting and rewarding venture for all of us. That's about all. I'm going to go dig Boeing 747s out of my ears and bury them in my closet. BAI-BAI.

A comic: By Rao! and [AOD]

two comix creators

>> Artificial Time
>> It's the End of the World!

WEEBL LITERATURE (an aid for the poor reader in rtf format)

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